NEW: S Class W 221
special chrome parts !

single and double Exhaust pipes, mirror cover, grille, door shells, etc.


NEW: Chrome parts for the new PT Cruiser and Cabriolet model from 2006, now available.

NEW: For MB R-Class W251 chrome parts.
Mirror cover, door shells, door lock pins...

NEW: SLK R 171
Chrome roll bars, roll bar covers, fins for fender, fins on motor bonnet
and more.

NEW: ML164
special chrome parts

head lamp rim, rear lamp rim, front bumper grill and more are waiting for you!

NEW: Many chrome parts for MB CLS 219.
fender fins, light & mirror frames, license plates...

NEW: We offer you special chrome parts for your Volkswagen Touran ! NEW: Special chrome parts are now available
for the new Passat.

NEW: For individual style of your Volkswagen T5 find here our exclusive chrome parts!

NEW: For MB Viano light covers, door mirror covers, door shells, and more in chrome !

NEW: Chrome
exterior parts

for Chrysler 300C

for Mercedes-Benz
Double exhaust , W221,
W220, W211 and R230, W164 and many more

NEW: CL-Look Sportgrille
available for
W221, W220, W211,
W210, W208, and W203.
NEW: performance parts
BMW Mini, MB, 221, 219, Chrysler...
Trunklid, rear window spoiler and air deflectors